What Is the Best Airsoft Gun Body?

The world of airsoft is a sport that involves rifles and pistols in a battle. It is considered the most realistic type of shooting because it mimics the range of a real firearm. This makes it the first choice of many beginners in this arena. People are attracted to this field because they can play against opponents who have much more experience than they do, with the same types of equipment that they use. For some, this is a great way to get some practice in without facing real people.

In this highly competitive market place, you will find many manufacturers that make quality products. In most cases, they also make “new” products as well. Each manufacturer has what they believe to be the best airsoft gun body on the market today.

The problem is, there is no universal answer to “What is the best product?” If we look at the industry for any specific product, we must figure out what each company is trying to accomplish. When it comes to body padding, different companies have different goals in mind. Manufacturers who design airsoft guns for competition or sport tend to use the tank type accessories. They understand that a lot of time is spent creating a proper, but comfortable fit in the rifle.

Shooting with a new gun is something that needs to be experienced before you are comfortable with it. If you are not comfortable with your first one, then it may be too late to start the process over. A popular choice for those who shoot only for fun is a rifle or pistol. With these models, a person can get some shots without the expense of tank-type accessories. These may be easier to adapt to if one is not used to using them.


Unfortunately, there is no available product that can compare to having a truly padded body. The best airsoft guns on the market today feature a unique material, which is the “Tufflex.” The material is a flexible material, which will expand when the pressure is applied to it. This allows for a smaller size, while still retaining a great deal of comfort.

This expanded material will continue to expand until it completely envelops the body of airsoft guns. This, in turn, provides a lot of comfort and support. The best protection from impact is to have effective padding that maintains a low and optimal level of comfort. This is the result of extensive research and testing done by Airsoft GI.

Many people are turning to the best in airsoft guns today. A simple look at the manufacturers is enough to see how it can help to promote the hobby. Read more about airsoft weapon.


New Airsoft Guns for your Spring Season

New Airsoft Guns for your Spring SeasonSpring has arrived and HobbyTron is here to assist you to loosen your loadout using a fresh airsoft gun! Check out these best 10 fan-favorite airsoft guns to determine which version fits you best!

FN Herstal FNX-45T FPS-424 Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

This rocky Airsoft pistol is modeled following the FNX-45, a pistol designed for the U.S Join Combat Pistol Program. Fans have had their eyes with this high quality pistol before it came onto the market! Now’s your opportunity to pick up this hot pistol for yourself as a secondary or even a principal. The green gasoline will perform optimally throughout the springtime.

G&G Combat Machine FireHawk M4 FPS-330 Electric Airsoft Rifle

This M4 is a totally balanced for both the indoor CQB and outside area players. The FireHawk is brief in length, which makes it easy to maneuver around corners and simple to sprint through the area. Although this rifle is brief, it puts out a great quantity of FPS and has adequate range for outside area drama. In general, this rifle is well rounded and thoroughly trustworthy.

Cyma CM207 M4 FPS-320 Electric Airsoft Rifle

The CYMA CM207 M4 is a Fantastic entry-level gun for novices and anyone looking to get into the game. This rifle includes all the essentials that you need when getting into airsoft, like a charger and battery, strategic foregrip, rifle sling, cleaning rod, and a few sample BBs for one to check fire your brand new rifle. This rifle also supplies rail space which lets you personalize the gun even farther with flashlights, optics, lasers and much more!

MP001BAB Accushot Shadow Ops Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Not much for racing up on enemies? Take a Look at This MP001BAB Sniper Rifle! Lay lower in the trunk for this sniper and take enemies down out of over 230 ft throughout the map with only a single shot! Even a bipod and scope are only a few of the things included with this rifle, and you’ll surely want them to fortify your accuracy while sniping.

Colt 1911 Rail Gun M45 A1 FPS-344 Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol

This full-metal CO2 powered 1911 is sure to turn a few heads! Not only does it look fantastic, but it functions great also. The textured grips permit the weapon to be managed properly throughout the blowback of this pistol. Even the Colt 1911 pistol is ideal as a secondary, but nevertheless, it is going to even function as a main on a CQB area.

Vintage Army AK-74 SP047 FPS-350 Electric Airsoft Rifle

Wish to drift from the conventional M4 platform? Take a Look at This Vintage Army AK-74! Get the identical great performance as an M4, however, have a different and one of a kind appearance from the remaining players around the field. This AK magazine will hold about 600 rounds, more compared to M4 platform. In addition, this Classic Army AK version has a railroad system which permits you to personalize with optics as well as other attachments of your choice.

TSD M47B FPS-325 Spring Airsoft Shotgun However like to run up in your enemies but do not wish to wield a pistol? The shotgun is a superb choice, especially this version that’s stockless. Minus the inventory, you have the ability to move around corners easily. Together with all the lightweight build of the shotgun, you won’t be hauled down with much weight, particularly when you’re linking to run trough the area.

Elite Force H&K M27 IAR FPS-390 Electric Airsoft Rifle

This really is a good rifle for the advanced player since it’s another highly desired airsoft gun from our lovers. Externally, the rifle has a Complete Metal construct made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, a M27 IAR quad free float railroad system (11 Inches long), Aluminum Barrel, and Nylon Fiber Polymer Stock & Pistol Grip. Complete this gun is constructed with higher quality and is well worth the cost.

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